In house training

On Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of January, 2021, Sisener´s personnel in Ecuador carried out technical training sessions through visits to substation No. 50 “La Troncal” and substation No. 17 “Los Cerezos” thanks to the regional electric company “Centro Sur CA” to whom they belong. S / E N ° 50 is a substation in operation, while S / E N ° 17 is in the construction process.

Among the activities related to training, the technical team was able to observe, review and verify the designs and technical specifications of civil works, electromechanical, protection, control and communications, as well as the configuration of the substation and the different components that comprise it. Among these we can mention the power transformers, disconnectors, switches, current and voltage transformers, protection and control cabinets, telecommunications and battery banks, the drainage systems, cable channels, cable trays and grounding system, foundations and electromechanical assembly, the different techniques implemented for the construction of the substation were observed according to the designs made, and the modifications carried out in the field for the final implementation of the job.

At SISENER, frequent trainings are carried out based on the interests of all the personnel that make up the company in order to meet the needs of both the national and international market that are in constant evolution and thus be able to keep motivation, talent and the high potential that has always distinguished the company within the energy sector.