New offshore wind foundation design successfully completed

The Government of Aragon, in “Aragon Investiga”, publishes the following news:

Aragon Investiga, August 12, 2016


The engineering carried out is based on a Spanish patent developed by the company GIO (Grupo de Ingeniería de Oceánica) and contracted by CENER (National Center for Renewable Energy under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism).

All the Constructive Engineering design has been carried out by Sisener Ingenieros, a company with headquarters in Aragon.


It is an Off-Shore Technology for an Offshore Wind Foundation that has production capacities 30 percent higher than those of onshore wind turbines.

Its benefits: significant cost savings derived from its foundations and installation offshore, greater local job creation in the construction, assembly and maintenance phases, and better use of air currents at great depths where they are the best quality. Additionally, each platform allows its use as a fish farm.