Hydroelectric power plants

We carry out a complete development of the plants.

From the beginning we have colaborated, in updating capacity data, and continuous research of location of sites and their subsequent feasibility studies.

The projects carried out range from the purely administrative (to the processing of local, regional, and hydroelectric public entities), going through specific parts such as automation and SCADA systems, regulation and control and reaching the realization of detailed engineering, management and supervision of work.

A highly demanded job in this field is the modernization of facilities, modification or execution of maneuvers or the updating of schemes that, in all cases, we analyze, propose, and resolve with great agility and safety.

Given the business areas in which we carry out our activity, we offer complete solutions for hydroelectric power plants, which include connection / evacuation infrastructures: generation substations, sectioning centers and connection lines, as well as the electrical studies necessary for their processing and commissioning, both in a stationary and transitory regime.

  • More than 480 MW in small and medium-scale projects

  • Technologies: Francis, Pelton, Kaplan, Ossberger, among others

  • Complete development of power plants aND UPDATE OF THE OLD ONES

  • Checking and solving existing CH problems

  • Hydroelectric power management

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