Consulting services

Full services for all areas of energy engineering.

We make it available for our clients to have all the varied technical expertise of our collaborators to develop consulting work in any of the engineering areas linked to an energy project. Our GROUP is ready to carry out diagnostic and analysis tasks, planning of all kinds, investigation of processes and technological adaptation, design of new processes, specialized advice, project auditing, modeling of general or particular cases, administrative support, preparation of budgets, preparation of technical specifications, advanced calculations and formulations, traceability and advanced analysis of critical path and schedules, work monitoring, tenders, financial advice and structuring of energy projects, specialist training, implementation assistance, among others.

  • Basic Engineering / Pre-feasibility

  • PTA (Administrative Technical Project) / Permits

  • Feasibility

  • Bidding Engineering

  • Network Modelling

  • Power Quality Analyses

  • Grid Access Capacity Assessment

  • Detail Engineering

  • Fluid Dynamics Analyses (PFD)

  • Engineering Review

  • Construction Supervision

  • Construction Management

  • Project Management

  • Project Start-up

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