Power lines

We adapt the design to the needs of each project.


At SISENER, with the incorporation of the company FEMAB to the group, we offer an infrastructure dedicated exclusively to the design of transmission and / or distribution lines; counting on professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. Our designs and projects are adapted to the needs of each project, from rural networks in medium voltage (or even low voltage), using concrete or wooden poles, to large high voltage lines, in 400 kV or 500 kV, with solutions to measure.


A completely comprehensive development with its own resources, covering all possible phases and engineering disciplines:

The different phases:


  • Particular topographic surveys for lines, LIDAR, etc.
  • Basic or conceptual engineering: studies of traces, implantations.
  • Processing, conceptual, or administrative engineering, conditions management.
  • Property engineering: development of bidding documents, preparation of bids, engineering review developed by third parties.

And the disciplines:

  • Civil engineering: design of foundations, design / study of access roads.
  • Electromechanical engineering: design of metallic support structures, earthing networks, electromechanical assemblies.
  • Electrical engineering: conductor sizing, insulation coordination, grounding networks.
  • Supervisions and administration of the site.

With a multidisciplinary team and the support of the entire group, at SISENER we can undertake those projects aimed only at companies with a high degree of specialization in which each of the parts of the project becomes fundamental:

  • Design of special or individualized foundations for each location with the type appropriate to the type of soil: cylindrical or prismatic piles, with or without widening at the base, slab-pillar (“pad&chimeney”), piled, with tie beams,…
  • Design of complete series of towers / supports in those projects where the optimization of materials is essential compared to the use of commercial products.
  • Use of high temperature and low deflection conductors for special cases.
  • Electrical studies for the integration of lines in regional or national systems: operability studies.

In line with market needs, the group of our company dedicated to lines is a pioneer in line repowering projects, both in increasing the transported power and in the operating voltage.

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