Wind power plants


We offer complete solutions covering all phases of engineering.

At SISENER we have always been linked to the development of the wind power market, with 10 gigawatts developed worldwide. We are closely related to technologists, developers and builders. We develop wind farm projects with the necessary approach, adapting to all environmental conditions: wind turbine, location, local regulations. A fully comprehensive development with its own resources, covering all possible engineering phases:
  • Basic or conceptual engineering: hybridization and storage projects, production studies, technical and economic feasibility studies, connection studies, solar plants, implementation studies (lay-outs).
  • Technical administrative projects.
  • Civil engineering: design of wind turbine foundations, roads and accesses, platforms, drains, foundations, buildings.
  • Electrical engineering: sizing of internal networks, grounding networks, insulation coordination.
  • Control and protection engineering, including selectivity and coordination studies.
  • Studies and design for implementation of hybridization and storage projects.
  • Work supervision and follow-up.
  • Property engineering: development of bidding documents, preparation of bids, engineering review developed by third parties.

Given the business areas in which we develop our activity, we offer complete solutions for wind farms, which include connection / evacuation infrastructures: generation substations, sectioning centers and connection lines, as well as the electrical studies necessary for their processing and commissioning, both in stationary and transitory regime.



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