Electrical analyses

We have a highly qualified team to carry out different types of studies.


  • Connection and access studies.
  • Operation and capacity of Red Eléctrica.
  • Studies (stationary N and N-1, Power Flow, Contingencies, Short Circuits).
  • Transient stability study (voltage stability, in the event of failures in the transmission system, in the event of voltage dips, determination of the critical time for fault clearance, small signal analysis).
  • Short-circuit and transient studies.
  • Power quality studies (Flickers, Harmonics, Imbalances, LVRT and HVRT, under and over – frequency).
  • Protection coordination studies (protections, failure analysis, configuration of protection relays).
  • Transient Studies (Lightning surges, response to faults, subsynchronous oscillations, transients due to maneuvering in the power electronics system).
  • Facility modelling and performance analysis.
  • Equipment simulation models and electrical behavior analysis.

(For more detailed information on work area or country go to CONTACT)

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